Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Registration: Search for Classes

It's Registration Time

How to find classes to build your schedule

Registration for Tarleton State University's Summer and Fall 2012 semesters is only a few weeks away.  As a new student, finding the course listings may be overwhelming and seem like a challenge.  Returning students may need a refresher as well. The process is easier than it appears.  This blog post will walk you through the process, and even provide some tips for getting the classes you need.

NOTE: If you are a newly admitted Texan, you will need to speak with an advisor PRIOR to registering.  You can contact an advisor by calling 1-888-377-8828. 

Where do I start?

Students may access the schedule online at the following link: Online Schedule of Classes

Select the term for which you wish to register.  This may be Summer 2013 or Fall 2013.

After selecting the term, you should see this screen:

Selecting a campus

There are six campus classifications: Distance Learner (Online), Midlothian, Southwest Metroplex, Stephenville, Texans A&M Univ - Central Texas, and Waco.  While you may be an online student, obtaining an online degree, you may not be classified as a Distance Learner.  If you do no know your campus designation, can find your campus designation by logging into MyGateway, Student Tab, DuckTrax. 

Do not worry if you are a Southwest Metroplex, Midlothian, or Waco student.  There are still online sections of the courses you need. 

In this example, we have chosen the subject of Criminal Justice, and Distance Learner (Online).  We did not search for a specific course, which will result in all Criminal Justice courses and sections offered to Distance Learners.

Once you click search, you will land on the Class Schedule Listing. Scroll through the list to fine the courses in the subject you need. Course numbers are listed as with a subject heading and a three digit number (ex. C J  305). 

What Information do I need to register?

To register, you will need to find the specific 5-digit CRN number for the course.  Each section will have it's own CRN number.  

Continue to search for classes and build your schedule.  If you are registering for both Summer and Fall terms, make sure to go back and change the terms prior to searching for Fall 2013 courses.

How do I know what courses I need?

Upon speaking with an advisor, he or she will have provided you with a degree plan.  You may also access a list of courses needed in DegreeWorks.  DegreeWorks may be accessed through MyGateway.

The list of classes needed may be found in the middle of the worksheet.  The Green Check box signifies completed courses.  The purple box with a tilde signifies courses currently in progress.  And open with with red outline signifies courses that have yet to be completed. 

Your Goal: Change all the boxes to green check marks.

So get to picking your classes, and stay tuned for more on Registration. 

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