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10 Actions You Must Take After Logging Into Your Online Classes

10 Actions You Must Take After Logging into Your Online Classes
Whether you are logging into your learning management system for the first time or whether you think you are an experienced user, make sure you follow these steps each time you log into your online classes.

1. Check for announcements in each classes.

Your professor may have answered important questions for provided other valuable information using the Announcements feature.  By jumping right into the course, you might miss this information.

2. Check your syllabi.

If this is the first time logging in, read carefully through each syllabus.  Review it periodically to make sure you don't miss anything and don't ask your professor any questions that can be answered in the syllabus.

3. Look for assignments and due dates.

In the syllabus, learning module, or course calendar, you will find assignment due dates.  Don't get behind.

4. Look for reading and other activities.

Find out where your professor posts the reading and learning activities.  These may be found in the syllabus or learning modules.  Check this weekly.

5. Interact in the discussion board.

Don't just post.  Comment often.  Provide value to the discussion.  You'll learn more and get more out of the class.

6. Check for emails from your instructor or classmates.

Sometimes professors communicate via course email rather than announcements.

7. View the current learning module.

Now you can jump into the current learning module and make sure you get all your work done for the week.

8. Check your grades.

Don't wait until the end of the semester to realize you are not going to earn your desired grade.  Know where you stand and make adjustments.

9. Read feedback from your instructor.

Often there is more to grading than providing a number.  If you want your grades to improve, implement the professor's suggestions in future assignments.

10. Check for feedback from your classmates on group assignments.

Don't expect your classmates to do all the work in group assignments.  Also, keep up by reading their feedback and commenting regularly by making suggestions.

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