Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Importance of the Handshake

Handshakes are the only acceptable form of physical contact for men and women in the business arena. 

  1. Handshakes are the universally accepted business greeting
  2. You are judged by the quality of the handshake
  3. A good handshake:
    • keep the fingers together with the thumb up and open 
    • slide your hand into the other person's so that each person's web of skin between thumb and forefingers touches the other's 
    • squeeze firmly
  4. A proper handshake:
    • is firm, but not bone-crushing
    • lasts about 3 seconds
    • may be "pumped" once or twice from the elbow
    • includes good eye contact with the other person 
  5. Extend a hand when:
    • meeting someone for the first time
    • meeting someone you haven't seen for a while
    • greeting your host(ess) 
    • greeting guests
    • saying good-bye to people at a gathering 
    • someone else extends a hand 
  6. Handshaking Tips:
    • avoid giving a cold, wet handshake by keeping your drink in the left hand

Check out our helpful handshake video here

Special thanks to Beth in Career Services for providing this information and a hand to shake in our video! 

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