Wednesday, April 2, 2014

5 Reasons You Should Embrace Values-Driven Leadership like Michael Hyatt

In a recent podcast, Michael Hyatt discussed strategies for leaders to build values-driven organizations.  I agree with Michael, but wanted to discuss my perspective in light of our university's core values: leadership, excellence,  integrity, civility, tradition, and service.
8 Reasons You Should Embrace Values-Driven Leadership Like Michael Hyatt
8 Reasons You Should Embrace Values-Driven Leadership

In my opinion, leadership connects to each of the other core values.

1. Leaders pursue excellence.

Leaders consistently evaluate and improve their own performance and work with others to help them improve their performance.  In this way, part of leadership is coaching.  When leaders improve, teams improve.  When teams improve, organizations improve. (TWEET THIS).

2.  Leaders must act with integrity.

Another part of leadership is acting in a way that is consistent with core values when it would be easier to discard them.  Sometimes others may not understand why these decisions were made or agree with the decisions, but leaders accept responsibility for making the call regardless of the outcome.

3.  Leaders understand that relationships matter and model civility in treating others with dignity and respect.

Civility means much more than being nice to people.  Civility also means being respectful of team members with different opinions or different backgrounds.  While we won't always agree on every issue, we do need to embrace our common ideals (core values) and common goals.  Leaders also recognize the value of different opinions and backgrounds.

4. Leaders celebrate organizational tradition and create new ones that are consistent with core values.

Most examples of strong organizational cultures include traditions.  Leaders who focus only on outcomes miss valuable opportunities to keep people motivated and committed.  Leaders should also not be afraid to create new traditions that add value and connect more team members to the organization.

5. Leaders serve.

In "Leaders Eat Last," Simon Sinek argued that leaders inspire commitment by first ensuring that they supported the needs of their teams.  Correspondingly, team members will create extraordinary experiences for customers when leaders create extraordinary experiences for team members.  Putting the needs of others before our own is a great way to lead.


1. What are your leadership values?

2. How do they influence the way you lead?

Answer in the comment section below.
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