Monday, April 28, 2014

Self Development

Personal development never expires. A human is constantly looking for new ways to improve their overall being, whether it is mentally, physically or both. This week we will be discussing various ways to develop yourself in the personal and professional aspects.

As an employee for an institute of higher education I encourage anyone, no matter their age, to complete or pursue a degree. Sure it can help you advance in your current field, but it can also give you a tremendous feeling of self-worth. After nearly three years of bouncing back and forth between should I or shouldn't I, this summer I will finally begin coursework on my master’s degree. This degree will of course help me move forward in my career, but I take pride in the fact that in 30 credit hours I will be able to say that I have a graduate degree.

So are you considering going back to complete a degree or beginning a new one, but you need that extra push? Call me or email me and I will be that push for you! Let’s better ourselves together!

Heather Hale

(888) 377-8828

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