Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We Aren't all Born to Run (or CrossFit)

Two years ago I decided I was going to start running. I wanted to be the person who reached "runner's high," the girl with the 26.2 sticker on her car, however I quickly realized that wasn't me. Running takes dedication, endurance and stamina, yet for me that was all gone by mile 4 of a training run. The first few miles my mind is clear and my body feels good, but anything after that I am miserable and I absolutely hate what I am doing. So that was and still is my threshold, the 5k. As much as I would like to be someone who can say they ran a marathon, it probably won't happen because I want to enjoy my fitness, whatever it may be.

There are many types of workout programs now that want to push you to your limit and if you thrive off that, then by all means go for it! Many of my close friends enjoy those high intensity settings and they see maximum results. I however, get a little self-conscious when I work out, so being yelled out by an instructor in front of 20+ others is not me for. This is where I give you my opinion-find something YOU like and do it.

Don't feel bad for turning down your friend's invitation to her CrossFit group or not wanting to use that 20% of a boot camp class Groupon your co-worker shared with you. Don't waste time feeling uncomfortable in a setting that isn't right for you. Try different classes or activities that YOU enjoy. Here are a few of my personal suggestions; (since we are located in Fort Worth, the bold names will lead you to our local spots)

  • Barre Class- This class incorporates the ballet barre and uses your bodyweight for resistance. These classes challenge your balance and stability, helping to sculpt a lean and toned frame. 
  • Bike Share Programs- Many cities across the country now offer bike sharing. They station bike kiosks around popular city destinations and you pay to rent and ride them across the city where you can return them at a different kiosk. 
  • Hot Yoga- There are various practices of hot yoga, but the overall theme is taking a 60-90 minute class in a heated room. It sounds a little nuts, but it is my personal favorite! 
  • Zumba- Gyms all across the country offer Zumba courses, a fun dance based exercise that gives you a great workout without feeling like you are working out! 

What are some of your favorite ways to get active? Share in the comments section! 

*Disclaimer- I am no fitness expert, however I do enjoy finding new and different ways to exercise and feel good about myself. I have personally done all the activities listed above and I would suggest them to anyone looking to find a great physical activity. Just remember to check with your doctor before starting any fitness routine to prevent accident or injury* 

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