Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The First Class

On June 11th I began my first two online graduate classes, and boy do I have a newfound respect for all of our online students. I have always admired our students for their ability to balance careers, families and their education, but now that I am in their shoes it has only grown. Scheduling time to focus solely on your studies while completing your work duties and tasks at home is quite taxing. Although I have only been in class for two weeks, I already know that I will value this degree more than my bachelor's, because I will complete it while also working 40+ hours a week.

I'd like to share a few tips I have picked up over the last couple of weeks and I would love if you all would share some of yours!

  • Read the syllabus for each course very THOROUGHLY (most answers to any question you may have about the class can be found in it) 
  • Write down all due dates for assignments, tests and quizzes in your calendar or smartphone so you never miss any items
  • Visit Blackboard every day to check for messages or updates from your classmates or professor 
  • If you know you are going on vacation, plan ahead and complete your assignment (s) before you leave-you may not have adequate wifi or a computer while on a trip 
  • Do not overwhelm yourself,  if all tests are open, take one every two weeks, do not wait until the last week of class
  • Read the textbook and utilize the notes or slides the professor provides
  • Pat yourself on the back-you are a hardworking adult student! 

So, to my fellow online Tarleton classmates, I tip my hat. To those of you unsure about beginning or completing an online degree as a working adult, just do it, we know you can!

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